1 definition by RoselyBonch

Lilliana is a very nice girl. Sure she could be a fuck up or screw up sometimes but she doesn't mean it. She can make you smile whenever and where ever. Lilliana's love hugs and likes to be comfortable. If a Lilliana does not like you she will be mean as fuck. She is a great girlfriend and will be there for everything. She does not judge people based on their past. She will listen to you and always have your back, but if you are being a bitch or over reacting she will tell you. She has gone through many things so she gives the best advice. Lilliana are the most kindest people you will meet. Lilliana's are the best of best friends. She can play any sports and maybe give you tips on things. She loves unconditionally and gets along with family great. If you ever meet a Lilliana give them a hug and tell them everything is ok because they keep so much inside and don't talk to people about it. Let them know how much you mean to them and make them feel loved. Just make sure they know you are there for them for everything and will never leave their side. She will alway's make you feel loved even at your worst. Boy's if you ever have her as a girlfriend your very lucky. Don't break her heart its broken enough.
Who is that girl?
That's Lilliana
No wonder she's so nice
by RoselyBonch February 9, 2021