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When the calves and ankles of a person's feet merge into a straight line with no distinction of which is which.
Fat people usually have cankles, but it can also occur with anyone.
(This is not to be confused with someone having thick ankles. If someone has thick ankles they still have a curve in their leg, but with cankles, the front view of their foot is completely straight.)
Look at that fat lady and her cankles!

My boyfriend says I have cankles.
by Rorschach_the_pwnsome June 11, 2009

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To commit sodomy, A.K.A for a man to have anal sex with a man or woman (usually a man).
I will sodomize you.

He sodomizes small boys.

The rapist sodomized the victim.
by Rorschach_the_pwnsome June 04, 2009

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