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Generally a female, but could be a applied to a male who is against or refuses sex. They are generally have the idea that sex is a bad thing, and causes more problem than is does solve.

They are usually brought up with a religious background or with high moral against sex.

If you find yourself with a girl or guy like this, you should get them to real up on how a lack of sex severely damages a relationship.

Synonyms: fridget, antipoon
Antonyms: nympo
Billy: Damn, I've been with my girlfriend for 7 months and we haven't had sex yet. I'm thinking of cheating because she's so antinympo!
by RooZy September 14, 2008
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Inserting an object, either a drug or otherwise into ones rectum for a desired effect.

Shelving is generally done with pills for its high absorption rate, but causes serve anal irritation and can lead to further problems such as shitting bricks if a hallucinogen is taken.
Oi Kev, go shelve a cat would ya.

Mate, I just shelved some acid, I feel like a elephant cock is stuck up there.
by RooZy March 19, 2009
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A trek usually around woop woop which has little or no goal other than admiring nature, and the personal satisfaction of walking around the middle of nowhere and making it home alive.

Usually the recount of the trek is exaggerated to add extra excitement and trill. The trek in actual fact is usually very dull.

Walkabout's really have no logical reason or appeal other than to combat boredom with adventure. Many people who participate in walkabout's are usually told their "crazy" and "are gonna get themselves killed one day".
benj: I just got back from a walkabout northern NSW
dazza: Tell us about it
benj: Well, I was walking down past Eungella and saw this huge brown belly on the side of the road, didn't see it until I was right over it, bit me leg, thought I was a goner, but these hippies came by and took me to the hospital, bloody life savers, they are!
dazza: You're a bloody legend
by RooZy September 16, 2007
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