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With a pair of oven gloves that are joined together two people each with their own pair of joined oven gloves will battle it out to decide a multitude of disputes such as what the family eats for dinner etc,
Conor "I want to eat Gammon for dinner"

Jay "Well I want to eat Sushi!"

Conor "Right then Oven Glove Boxing it is!"
by RonocMcfoley November 23, 2011
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Plate Curling is when you must stand at any edge of the table and either with or without your eyes shut you must Curl your plate which will determine where you will sit for the Evening Dinner.
Wayne "Hey Man, where are you going to sit?"

Conor " I dunno, I'm gonna find out by Plate Curling."
by RonocMcfoley November 21, 2011
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