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A suburb north of Brisbane near the Redcliffe/Rothwell area.Commonly called depression bay or decrepit bay by discriminating citizens of nearby suburbs or towns.Well known for it's shoe stealing inhabitants,countless teenage mothers and overuse of the word C*NT.Great shopping opportunities for those after a wild night out.
1st person:"Dude, i was at a party at deception bay last night"
2nd person:"D What?"
1st: "yeah D Bay, and when i woke up someone had taken my shoes"
by Ronnie Rottten April 24, 2008

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A hilarious word to look up on the internet and the source of endless jokes and hurt feelings.
Weemo:I'm not even emo in my tight jeans, converses and strange angular haircut.
Emo: I hate emos with their cut off jeans,angular hair and strange graphical teeshirts.
ExEmo: Now i'm not emo anymore,i really do want to die because that shit was embarrasing.
by Ronnie Rottten August 30, 2008

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