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Noun; When a man takes a shit so big that it stretches out his asshole. The result is a very large stool that could be the size of a small child.
Man 1, "I took the hugest shit ever just now!"

Man 2, "How big was it?"

Man 1, "It was a Butt Baby!"
by Ronnie Kimbel February 24, 2010

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Origin of the word: when the Tickle Me Elmo toy came out in stores for the first time, people trampled one another at the toy store in order to get their hands on one. The insanity that was caused by the release of the child's toy inspired this word.

definition - Anyone who drives like a maniac during the holiday season.

Reasons could involve; needing to get to the store before someone else purchases something they want, wanting to get home as fast as possible with a complete disregard for safety, or just being a complete douche bag who can't handle sitting in traffic for more than a few seconds without going ballistic.

"I can't drive with all of these Tickle-me-Elmos on the road.
by Ronnie Kimbel February 23, 2010

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Noun; A man who no matter how many good things he does still comes off as a huge piece of crap. This is because he actually is crap.

Origin of the word comes from an episode of South Park where Stan's dad takes the largest crap in the world.
Man, why are you such a Bono?

I don't care what they say, that guy is a Bono.
by Ronnie Kimbel February 24, 2010

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