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A male administrator with a hairy physical appearance, a fondness for cheap scotch and a penchant for buggery. Like the Anti-Midas everything he touches will inevitably turn to shit. His got to move is the Burt Reynolds '74. Occasionally he will drink too much and go starfish on your living room floor. This person will use his position of power to offer oral sex to his male employees. This offer will often induce involuntary vomitting from the intended victim. Incredibly, Scotchy will not be reprimanded for this behavior by his superiors, which will allow him to search out more male suitors.
Scotchy was sitting there in a Burt Reynolds '74 pose and he told me that since he grew up in a more liberal time he wanted to give me a blow job. I then started puking like crazy.
by Ronaldson February 05, 2010

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The act of laying on ones side with the bottom arm and hand propping up the head with one leg extended and one leg bent, thus exposing the genital region. Generally performed by a male who is trying to illicit sexual interest from another male. It is generally performed wearing only a pair of briefs. It is reminiscent of a early 70's Burt Reynolds Playgirl pose. It is a completely gay move.
Next thing I know Scotchycockandballs is giving me a Burt Reynolds '74 and I think he wants to spoon.

What did you do?

I puked and left the room.
by Ronaldson February 05, 2010

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