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To look better than good, to look exceptional, gorgeous the most beautiful women in the room.
To look as good as supermodel Gisele Bundchen
I was out with Amberlyn last night and she did not just look good she looked giseletastic!
by Rollo083 April 04, 2014
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To tell a friendly white lie that makes the story better also known as a exagalie. To add something that may or not have happened to enhance a story or tale.
When I was 12 I threw up on the airplane one time. My mom now tells everyone that when I fly that I throw up every time. I had 8 beers on my 30th birthday but when I talk about that night now I tell everyone that I had 16 beers. So these are known as exagalies.
by Rollo083 May 06, 2013
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