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Talking or writing in an understated way to give the impression that something is 'revolutionary' all the while not giving out any real specific details just the way Apple always does. A similar technique is used by teachers, they talk really quietly when they want everyone's attention.

The user must use the word 'cool' a lot or 'neat' etc. See any presentation involving Steve Jobs for an example. Apple jargon has now extended to Google and Bing and even journalists that write about Google, Bing and Apple. Other feautures; the user must be so arrogant to assume that everybody already uses some of their technology. Using words like fun and neat also helps!
Apple/Google/Bing: Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you could have all your documents in one place wherever you went? Well now you can with Apple/Google/Bing ***. How does it work? Well, that's the fun part, you just put all your documents...

Journalist: Hey, this week we'll be looking at another cool feature on your iphone that maybe you haven't used yet. (Oh wait.. I don't have a f***ing i-phone and I don't want one!!)

Apple/Google/Bing: What is social search? Hmm.. It's pretty darn neato. All you have to do is put all your contacts in your profile and... (Oh wait.. I don't have one of your f***ing profiles and I don't want one!!)

Apple/Google/Bing: The cool part of all this is the fun algorithm we have running the whole thing which looks at.. (Wait.. wait.. will you say how it works?! Like hell you will! You'll just continue using Apple Jargon!)
by RolakiPapa April 18, 2010

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