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Inclined to pity or mercy.
Thesaurus: benevolent, supportive, charitable, sympathetic, tender, humane, caring, feeling, indulgent, lenient; Antonym: cold-hearted. Merciful. (from AllWords.com)
"HELPFUL" is not in 'compassionate'definition.This word has been carefully selected to be associated to conservatism.
Bush compassionate conservatism
by Roger Lemaitre September 15, 2005
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The most hypocritical way to claim helping someone without taking any risk while some others risk their lives to save Him/Her, after what you thanks GOD that is Yourself,both having done nothing useful, and not the ones that make the rescue.
Praying for someone that has disappeared to be found back instead of going for help
by Roger Lemaitre July 26, 2004
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