2 definitions by Roger Hatrum

An exclamation signifying an immediate change in subject with no further continuance of the previous subject at all.
Timmy "John, what did you get up to this weekend? Damn, did you see what happened to that girl on the news? Wait, weren't you dating a girl from Wicker Park? oh Shit! That was the girl you were dating wasn't it?
John "mooo!"
by Roger Hatrum January 10, 2005
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1. to shit into another persons ass
2. to void (feces) from the bowels by pushing it into someone elses bowels

v. snick·er·doo·dled, snick·er·doo·dling, snick·er·doo·dles

n. the act of snickerdoodling
If my manservant will snickerdoodle me, I may just spunk at last.
by Roger Hatrum September 07, 2004
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