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The word is a portmanteau, derived from "rape" and "own," and is a reminiscent of the earlier deliberate or accidental creation, "rwn"
"lets go rawn some cunts"

"ill rawn you in the face"

"that bitch got rawned"
by rofles January 26, 2007

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Teamloosh is a group of people on Bluehell IRC which have a sole purpose of annoyance and defacement.

Created by Rofles in 2005 Teamloosh is still better then myg0t and "xmyg0t" which have no raging skills and once defeated will simply ignore you and ban you.

The name Teamloosh derives from a comic book by Jamie Smart called Bear where a character called Looshkin devotes his live to annoying and trying to kill the main character "Bear" little does he know a stuffed animal cant die. Teamloosh is a self proclaimed team by Looshkin AKA Team Slut.

Teamloosh prides itself in being fun and can also provide users with help on warez and virii.

Sponcered by Hxcore and smiled apon by Bluehell :)

Note: If defaced by Teamloosh the only solution is a complaint or a photo of yourself asking for forgiveness

Anyhoo, Example Time!!
From: Brent Counsell <(removed)@hotmail.com>
To: teamloosh

You're a fucking loser.

get a fucking life.

Mate I've found alot of you're laws your breaking so stop giving me the know
it all shit.
you've got nothing, except a hidden identity, which soon will be found out.

mark my words cunt.

dont even bother replying.

you're reign of nerd power will soon be over, and you can finally get out
there in the world and find some real friends.

fuck you.
by Rofles January 12, 2007

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pretending to be a scriptkiddy just for laughs and to make other people raged.

or even to hide the fact that your an actual hacker.
11:15 (nu|L) you dont do shit
11:15 (nu|L) is why
11:15 (nu|L) ...
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:15 (Rofles) smart boy
11:15 (Rofles) your catching on
11:15 (nu|L) you cant hack...
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:15 (nu|L) so what do you mean
11:15 (nu|L) why would .gov fuck with you?
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:16 (nu|L) youre garbage...
11:16 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:16 (Rofles) your slowly learning
11:16 (Rofles) good boy
11:17 ... Nick: Rofles is now known as scriptkitty
by rofles May 23, 2007

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