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Jajaja is a word used by Spanish 9-year-olds. Directly translated, this word means hahaha but in modern Spanish culture, this word means LOL. This term can be found in a wide variety of games including ROBLOX. It isn't rare to see this word used in a toxic manner.
Random Spanish kid after winning: Jajaja ez noob
Person: Uhhhh GG?
Random Spanish kid: me no speak english jajaja
by Robux man January 07, 2021
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Bobux is the most valued thing in the universe. It is thought that 0 bobux is more valuable than the universe itself, which is why you don't see bobux on your ROBLOX homepage. ROBLOX is a gaming platform in which bobux originated. Bobux is a higher and supreme version of robux, the small child of bobux. The master of bobux is a man named bobux man. Only he has all the bobux...
Caution: If you find a website claiming that bobux man will give you free bobux, it is fake. Bobux man is very greedy and wants more.
Bobux man: Visit this website for free bobux!
Bobux man: Jajaja I have your account now I can do whatever I want with it!
by Robux man January 06, 2021
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Robux Man is the master of all the Robux. If you didn't already know, Robux is the main online currency for the online game ROBLOX. 100 Robux is worth £1. Robux can be used to purchase a wide variety of items including clothing/hats for your character and game passes. The father of Robux Man is a legendary person called Bobux man...
Noob: I've played ROBLOX for 3 years and I haven't got 1 Robux ;(
Robux Man: Here is 100 Robux! Just don't give it to Bobux Man, he will trick you.
Noob: Yay! I can buy hats!
by Robux man January 07, 2021
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