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My country: above Belgium and next to Germany. The beautifull Northsea creating a coast with lots of beaches.
Very modern with very big city's but also small ones. Famous designers for shoes, clothes and bling-bling.
And NO we don't wear wooden shoes, that's like 300 years ago lol! The windmile is very rare here, because it's so boring! :P

The weather is either good or bad, it depends. Our language is cool and we use many weird expressions such as: Dat breekt mijn klomp
( That breaks my wooden shoe )as in: I'm suprised by this, Im shocked

Our gouverment is very soft, the jails are like hotels with playstations and it's legal to have 5 grams of weed/pod/dutch with you!!!
Dutch person A: Alles goed?

Dutch person B: Ach doe gezond man, wat is niau?!

Dutch person A: Je bent een sjembek dat zeurt maar je weet niet wastkeburt :P

Dutch person B: stfu....
by Robinio June 06, 2005
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This keeps your husband/boyfriend satisfied.
The girl/woman takes the soft/hard penis/dick/cock and puts it in het mouth/cumhole.
While sucking/pulling/licking the man get's excited more and more until he cums/shoots/spray's his white/warm/thick cumming/sperm in the woman's mouth/cumhole.
by Robinio June 06, 2005
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