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Known for its never ending construction and hellacious traffic, I-64 is an interstate system that runs through the heart of Hampton Roads, Va. Connecting Williamsburg, Newport News (what locals call Bad News), Hampton, and Virginia Beach, I-64 is a haven for shitty drivers, rambling hobos, and drug runners alike. I-64 also runs through Richmond and countless other obscure counties that no one really cares about. As I-64 nears the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) connecting Hampton with Norfolk, it is mandatory for every driver, no matter how skilled, to drive like a 13 year old who stole their mother's mini van, thus causing 10 mile back ups and suicide. Had Eisenhower known what he would end up doing to the Hampton Roads area when he created the interstate system, i'm sure he would smite himself to Hell and willingly become Satan's bitch, thus replacing Hitler.
angry driver - FUCKING SHIT why do these dumb cunts have to wait untill the last minute to merge?!

intuitive passenger - dont you know? whenever merging on to I-64 all rational actions are thrown out the window, along with all feelings of happiness.

small child in back seat - no, its probably because they're black.
by w3510 June 15, 2008
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