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While travel the electronic fairway of our great world, I was speaking with an Aussie and correcting a problem (to damn many aussies). The aussie not liking my answer (nuclear weapons) told me that it was a stick-tape-bogin.
I told him to stick it up him criminally fried ass and smoke it!
That duct tape you are using to hold the engine block of that torbofan jet engine together is a bit of a stivky-tape-bogin.
by Ro-bert2 January 27, 2005

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Many years ago when our planet was young, there lived the mighty shitasauras. I plied the land with fear. I people and animals alike ran for cover. For they were all afraid of the mighty shitasaurus.
As it turns our you to can appreciate the shitasauti by simply squatting down and taking a raw dump into your hand. Hold it up to your nose. Take a deep wiff and shout "SHITASAURUS!!!!"
Apon leaving the female bathroom and young and buxom girl scantily dressed took a delicate wiff and shouted "SHIRASAURUS" as the old woman came out of the bathroom. Everyone within 120 feet of her passed out (including the lovely and buxom girl which we may or may not have taken advantage of);)
by Ro-bert2 January 25, 2005

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