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1. A spam word that doesn't mean anything, but more than often typed in a spamming frenzy.
2. American Sign-language for the Deaf.
Ritifo has taken the Blood Eagle flag!
Ritifo: li3k pmfg i pwn j00 guys!
Dispose introduces Ritifo to the spinfusor.
Dispose: LoL.
Ritifo: OMG HAXER!!1
Ritifo: asdasf
Ritifo: dfdsf
Ritifo: asd
by Ritifo January 23, 2005

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Short for Academic Decathalon, a program for highschool juniors and seniors to compete across the US Nation.
Dude, we totally lost the State Acadeca Championship! Nooo!!112
by Ritifo March 15, 2005

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Pwned is simply slang for owned. See the example for usage.

Pwned is a word that cannot be pinpointed to be originating in anyplace. There is no proof that it came from WarCraft, or Quake, or whatever. I believe it was misspelled by an IRC n00b, and later, people imitated him. Less informed people saw these experienced people using this, and they started too as well.
Omg, j00 got pwned n00b!
by Ritifo November 14, 2004

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