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Cinema Bizarre is a German band that formed in Berlin in 2005. Yu, Strify, and Kiro met at an Anime convention. They later found Luminor and Shin in a chat room. In 2007, they released Final Attraction, their debut album. In 2008, Luminor had to leave due to personal problems. They had Romeo, Yu's friend, take his place. In 2009, they released an EP with Space Cowboy titled "I Came 2 Party." Following that was their second studio album Toyz, which held the sublime message that we are all "ToyZ." In January of 2010, the band announced their hiatus, with hope of a return. Yu Phoenix and Romeo (Nightingale) are in a band named Rogue Morgue. Kiro and Shin are currently in a DJ set. Luminor had a collaboration with Nik Page and another with a band named DNR, but is currently not doing anything.
Their names are from various things. Strify: Yu nicknamed him “Cloud Strife” because of his Final Fantasy addiction. Yu: A friend nicknamed him Yukito which was later shortened to Yuki, and then finally Yu. Luminor: Luminor is the male form of 'Lumina' which means Moonlight. Kiro: Strify has a monkey named Siro, and Kiro’s real name starts with K. Shin: One of his major influences is Japanese rocker Shinya. I truthfully don’t know about Romeo.
Strify, Kiro, and Yu is bisexual. Shin doesn’t like to talk about it. Romeo is straight. Luminor’s sexuality is unknown.
Strify-vocals Yu-guitar Kiro- bass Shin-drums Romeo-keyboardist Luminor- keyboard and back up vocals
Did you know Cinema Bizarre is all guys?
by Rithium Xavier-Ctharre Rayne January 02, 2011
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Luminor is the ex-keyboardist of Cinema Bizarre. He's a German. He also did vocals. He was brought into Cinema Bizarre after Strify found him in a chat room. He has long black hair, and dresses darkly (Somewhat Visual Kei). He was with the band for Final Attraction (From 2005-2008). In 2008, however, he had to leave do to personal problems. A friend of Yu's (the guitarist) Romeo took over for him, but did not sing.
In 2009, he announced his return with a Youtube video. He did a collaboration with Nik Page for three songs: "Fight" "Voices From Outer Space" and "Your Bad Temptation." He then toured with the band DNR and did the song "Follow Me" with them. He is currently not doing anything. Myspace: Wings_of_Luminor
(Rumors circled for his reason of leaving. The four most popular were: He's a bulimic, he has cancer, he was sexually assaulted, and he was suicidal. Also, there were reports of him fainting during a show.)
His sexual orientation is not important, but it is undefined. Rumors have swirled that he once dated a man named Jetsam, but another is that he is currently dating a woman named Emily. Truth be told, don't care. His sexuality is his business, not the homophobes or the fan-girls/fan-boys who want to tear him apart.
Luminor claims to be Unloveable, but his perfume of pain can't stop most. He's is the most auspicious beauty known to man and is excruciatingly lost.
by Rithium Xavier-Ctharre Rayne January 01, 2011
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