3 definitions by Risingtigerking

Used to define a person with an extreme obsession with David Bowie to the point where just using obsession is an understatement.
Person 1: Have you talked to Amy lately?
Person 2: Hell no, all she ever talks about is David Bowie.
Person 1: Yeah she's such a starbo.
by Risingtigerking November 30, 2020
I feel it in my body, I feel it in my soul my neurons start to fire and chimestry explodes heart is pumpin', mind is runnin', drivin' me insane feel it in my brain the sounds is what I'm feeling the sound is what I know I hold on to this feeling I never let it go it's my high, my love, my life, my every little thing makes me wanna sing
Person 1: I love what dopamine does to me
Person 2: Yup, like built in drugs.
by Risingtigerking October 30, 2021
When you don't know what to say just blurt withtheat.
Person A: I really like you
Person A: what
Person B: what
by Risingtigerking August 28, 2021