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Sex is the middle man to love making and fucking. It is a medium to those two definitions in which a male and female body both intertwine in different positions all leading to a males penis entering a womans vagina until extasy is reached. The same out come stands for both male on male relationships also including male on female and multiple parties as well. As well as being used as a pleasure-filled act, it is also used as a stress reliever or tension reliever.

Some say sex is mearly a form of human reproduction when in reality, we are the only species who have sex sheerly for pleasure purposes. If sex is not pleserable it is not sex, it is then a waste of time.
After a hard day at work, the male comes home to a stressed out woman, in order to relieve this tension both partners have sex until happyness is reached.
by RisenRainbow March 16, 2005

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