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When you finally realize you want to have sex with somebody you previously did not consider doable.
Rex had a fuckiphany about Rita after drinking 6 beers. He finally realized he wanted to diggle that fatty, if only for one night.
by RiffRaff CR October 04, 2009
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A bink pack is like a six pack, except smaller. Usually used in comparing a skinny man against a very meaty one. The bink pack is a toned, yet very small set of stomache muscles.
In the movie New Moon, Jacob had an awesome six pack, but when Edward took off his shirt, it was a bink pack.
by RiffRaff CR November 23, 2009
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When somebody prevents you from eating a delicious sugary snack, usually a chocolately delight of some sort. Just like a cockblock except with chocolate.
I was going for the fudge sundae with ravenous vigor, but my wife chocblocked me at the last moment with some sort of gay speech about heart disease and diabetes. After 13 years of marriage you would think she would want me to die to get the life insurance money. Dammit.
by RiffRaff CR October 17, 2009
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