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a term originating from forums and text messages in respons to ebscenely long forum posts or texts. means 'too long, didn't read.' the original use has died out however, and it is now only ever used by argumentative cunts who have been outargued and don't want to admit it. as uch, it's current meaning (which would be the corrupted phrase) is 'can't think of an argument, gonna pretend i couldn't be arsed to read it.'
man 1: ...so yeah. learn your stuff, man, you're making yourself look stupid

man (?) 2: (thinks) shit, that's a damn good argument! i got nothin'! unless...

(types) tl;dr
by Riarku Belenix June 30, 2010
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An alternative to ROWYCO, said as 'Rock Out wit the Cock Out'. difference usually due to location and so on
Man from A-land: ROWYCO!

Man fom B-opolise: ??

Man from A-land: Rock Out With Yer Cock Out!

Man from B-opolise: nah man, it's ROWTCO... it's 'The Cock Out, not YOUR cock out...'

Man From A-land: ...GTFO

Man From B-opolise: ??
by Riarku Belenix June 27, 2010
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