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1. Present in any given social environment, A douchebag is "that guy"... that squawking choadspank who is completely full of shit, or that moron whose head is so far up his or her ass that they will never see the light nor breathe the air again.

2. In a social situation, This person is ALWAYS the most unintelligent, arrogant, worthless, and audacious person, however firmly believes themselves to be the smartest, most important, and most sociable.

3. He is the guy that really gets under your skin, that jerk-off artist who stole that girl's virginity who you've had a crush on since the first grade, that sick minded individual that manages to suck some of the the most genuine and moral people into his fake distructive facade

3. Someone who is completely unbearable and unreasonable when put in a leadership position, for the more power they are given, the more endorsed they feel to spew their bullshit in everyone's faces.

4. Someone who projects such a negative image that people around them agree they should not even bother waking up in the morning.

5. Someone who doesn't care about producing any moral good in this world, regardless of who they are or how much power they have
Anyone supporting open borders between Canada and Mexico, or a nationalized ID card, or the right to spy and collect data on American citizens, or the right to torture human beings, or the right to infringe on our second amendment rights to protect ourselves from our own corrupt government is a traitorous douchebag.

Fuck George W. Bush, what a fucking douchebag...
by RevelationToRevolution December 27, 2007
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1. Someone who is incompetent, completely unreliable, and so full of excuses that they should just masturbate for the rest of their pathetic lives.

3. A jack of all trades if all trades were different forms of masturbation

2. Someone who fails at their own life, and also succeeds to suck a little life out of everyone else on their way to nowhere.

1. Someone who indecisively sits on their ass while opportunities come and go until they are finally left with nothing.
What the fuck is your problem man? We can't count on you for shit anymore you fucking jerk-off artist

by RevelationToRevolution December 27, 2007
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