2 definitions by RetroGalacticGamer

That feeling you get when

1. Your being watched
2. You have to take an enormous crap

3. Something very inappropriate is about to happen near you or involving you.
The Sixth Sense

Ex 1: “Hey Greg my sixth sense is aroused!” John

“Not again! Which one?” Greg

Number 2. 😏” John

by RetroGalacticGamer July 29, 2019
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In a boy's / man's case, then nuts / balls, head or asshole.

In a girl's, / woman's case, that can be her titties / boobies, head, or asshole.
Boy 2: Girl 1 kicked Boy 1 where it hurts! What a bitch-ass mothafucka!
Girl 1: I kicked Boy 1 where it hurts because he kicked me where it hurts.
Boy 2: Oh ok.
by RetroGalacticGamer April 5, 2020
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