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1. A Girl or woman from the Bahamas normally with a big ass ass.
2. The name of a drink that knocks you the hell out just like a Bahama mama can.
3. The name of restaurnt in the Bahamas where the food is expensive as HELL!! At least for the locals.
"I'm from the Bahamas I should no what the fuck a Bahama Mama is."

Now you use it in a sentence.
by Resses Pieces April 05, 2006
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Raindeer is a condition of the ass made known by Nelly's song "Tailfeather". If a girl has an unusually large ass it is said that her mother must have had raindeer. Makes no sense I know but its tru.
"Is that your ass or does your momma have raindeer?"
by Resses Pieces March 11, 2006
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