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Birmingham, Michigan is a very affluent suburb of Detroit. It has a beautiful, charming and expensive downtown area. Birmingham has very few dumpy houses, and is home to some of the most brilliant mansions, historical homes, Tudors, and other fancy houses next to Bloomfield, Hills, another wealthy city in Southern Michigan.

The majority of Birmingham's population is upper middle class to wealthy class. Popular jobs consist of lawyers, surgeons, doctors and corporate executives.

Birmingham has many upscale restaurants and swim clubs.

Birmingham is mostly Christian and Republican.

Many notable people were once residents of Birmingham.

Birmingham is a wonderful place to live, but frequently accused of being home to snooty people.
Oh my gawd, you live in Birmingham, Michigan??!! Which club do you belong to? Are your cleaning ladies Italian or Mexican? Is your Mercedes Benz the newest model? Which Juicy sweatsuit do you have? Is your husband a corporate executive or a surgeon? Are you a hockey mom? Where were you spring break? The South of France? Palm Beach, FL? Hilton Head Island, SC? Beverly Hills, CA?
by ResidentOfBirmingham July 20, 2011
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