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Kyo Sohma is the red headed hottie of 'Fruits Basket'. Kyo is cursed with the cats spirit, so when he is hugged or weak he turns into a little orange tabby. Kyo lived a life of pain rejection and misery, because of being the 'cat' who was left out of the zodiac. Yuki(who is cursed with the spirit of the rat) is Kyo's rival and they are constantly fighting. Kyo's mother commited suicide and his father blamed him. The only people who understand this hot headed kitty are Tohru Honda and Kazuma Sohma. Kyo is distant and afraid of rejection, but deep down, he just wants to be accepted.Will Tohru accept Kyo when she sees the cats 'true form'?
Kyo quotes:

"damn rat"

"ready for me to break your neck, rat boy?"

"Stop calling me stupid!"

"You don't have to apologize"

"My Shishou's the greatest!"

"Damnit this sucks!"

"Im begging you, please, stop."

" I'm going to make you miserable!"

"Next I'll cut you face into pieces!"

"She saw me, she saw me, she saw me, it's over! It's over, everything. It's all....hopeless."

" Don't force that love on me! I don't need it!... I dont ..need it.."
by Rena Chan July 24, 2005
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The name of a cat. Generally very sleepy, loves playing musical instruments, is a major japan-fan and loves gaming. Doesn't like sports but can be competitive when forced to.
Tasmin: I want to sleep!
Tasmin: I want to watch anime! Desu!!
Tasmin: I'm just going to play my violin now.
by Rena chan December 08, 2013
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