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1. A dessert that consists of 3 scoops of ice cream, either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry in a vertical line. A banana is then put on each side of the scoops. They are then topped with caramel and hot fudge, strawberry pieces, nuts, and sprinkles. After the toppings, comes whipped cream and a cherry on each scoop along with a spoon.

2. A phrase used by bus drivers, teachers, parents, etc. to shut up a bunch of people when "QUIET" doesn't work.

3. The excuse used by teenage girls when they want to buy a bunch of bananas to practice oral sex, but don't want their parents to find out.
1. Guy #1: Dude I love milkshakes! Best Dessert Ever!

Other Guy: Are you high? The best dessert by far is a fucking Banana Split!!!!

2. Bus Driver: Hey! You guys please be quiet. QUIET!!!

Kids: *Let go of me!!*

*That's not third base man*


*And then she said...*

*You should ssooo do that!*

Bus Driver: BANANA SPLIT!!!!!!!

*Kids shut up in confusion*

3. Mom: Why are you getting so many bananas?

Teenage Girl: *Thinks quickly* Duh! For banana splits!
by Regina Phalange #2 September 26, 2012

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Probably the greatest freaking genius ever!!! An atheist and a supporter of gay rights who is best known for creating and voicing many of the characters in Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. Unfairly ridiculed for supposedly ripping off the Simpsons where, when you watch it is almost NOTHING like any of the shows he created (btw I love the Simpsons and am a fan). He also created a movie this year called Ted. MacFarlane has made people laugh for the past 13 years or so and always will.
Fred: Hey, what are you up to?
Ben: Watching Family Guy
Fred: Man I love that show it's so fucking funny!!
Ben: Ya I know
Fred: Doesn't Seth MacFarlane voice like 10 of the people in that show?
Ben: Yup
by Regina Phalange #2 November 19, 2012

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