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The capital of Saskatchewan, Canada! It has some neat attractions, such as the Imax Science Center, the Legislative Building, the infestation of Canadian Geese, etc. But the true heart of the city lies in Downtown.

Of course, the only problem with this city is the absolutely disgusting amount of drunk, homeless, beat-down piece of shit assholes who wander the streets of downtown and completely ruin it for everybody. I, myself, can't even bring myself to have a good time downtown at night with a few friends without the risk of getting mugged by the friggin' "Indians Posse". The downtown area is also prone to attracting (often native) assholes from the North-Central area of town (Which was also named the worst place to live in Canada by Macleans Magazine), and beautiful areas like the Cathedral Area are suffering for it.

Though the downtown area has it's perks like the Vintage Vinyl shop and the Cornwall Center mall, it's still going downhill. As for the rest of the town, it's pretty good. Pretty boring, but still good.

So there you have it, the definition of Regina from a citizens point of view.
Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan? What a joke! It isn't half as good as Saskatoon!
by Regina Man May 24, 2007

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