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What the liberal hack British "comedian" and talk show host John Oliver popularized. The go-to term that stupid liberals and SJWs use when they don't feel like acknowledging an opposing opinion. Rather than try to construct a reasonable counter-argument, a liberal/SJW will use this term to signify that there's no room for "bigoted" opinions in the current year - which as of writing this is 2015 - that's supposed to be progressive.
Bob: Why are women allowed to be promiscuous with no repercussions? Can't they see that they are putting their mental and physical health at risk with the increase in number of strangers they sleep with?

Dan: I agree Bob, it's absolutely insane just how hedonistic modern day women have become thanks to liberals.

Stacy: Ohmaigawd, it's 2015 and you're still slutshaming? Ugh, like can't you see it's the current year?

Bob: Stacy, you're an idiotic liberal. Please go back to your corner and watch John Oliver to keep you entertained. Adults are talking here.
by RedpillingFacts November 07, 2015

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