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n. temporary state of having ones head in ones ass or other orifice.

Etymology: cranial- of or relating to the cranium or bones that encase the brain; Greek in origin. + Suppository- easily melted solid placed in a body cavity or passage; Latin in origin.
Officer: "Is there a reason you are in such a hurry tonight?"
Dave: "Sorry officer, I had a cranial suppository, it won't happen again!"

"Apparently I had a cranial suppository last night, I didn't mean to offend you."
by RedRockRobin February 11, 2010

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n. \'stres hOl\: a: when one is under emotional or physical tension and one acts in an ass hole like manner towards those around you. b: When ones usual calm equilibrium is altered through tension or stress to a state of agitation, short temperedness or general duche baggery. syn ass hole, jerk, dill hole, dill weed, jack ass, duche bag

Etymology: Stress- hardship, adversity, tension- French. Hole-orifice, emptyness, devoid of substance or emotion- Old English
God, my friend can be a real stress hole when he has a deadline looming!
by RedRockRobin April 18, 2011

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