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Any person required to invest inordinate amounts of time in serial, or multiple, e-platform dating sites, none of which honor filters, or offer absolute ID authentification and profile verification, sufficient for vetting for safety, professional and education fit, to narrow or optimize search time required for discovering potentially legitmate, suitable companions.
I don't want to invest the balance of my spare time in an e-platter search mode, seeing every mug shot in the world.

E-platting takes all the fun out of dating, since it's like being the security cam person who's trying to scan every face passing in Times Square 24/7/365 looking for the one!
by Rebop May 30, 2018
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A person or robo phone call designed to scam the call recipient out of info, time, privacy, money or anything of value to the caller or caller's employer, the scamster.
The FCC is doing nothing about a million scamster calls a day to my cell. There are so many scamster calls per day that we had to quit answering the phone directly and instead, answer with our own robo announce to press 1 to get rid of robo calls, leaving the other live scamsters that then hang up, instead of leaving a message. He had fun out scamming the scamster by giving him fake information.
by Rebop May 30, 2018
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