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1 definition by Rebecca1011

An overall sexy individual. The girls almost always have a hot body. i.e. Natalie Couglin. All swimmers are extraordinarily committed to the sport. Swimming is definitely the most difficult sport, no doubt about it, and swimmers will fight to the death if you challenge that fact. They're great in bed because they have really strong hipflexors. They are usually lazy, but good in school. Swimmers are known to eat a lot because of all the calories that are burned. When it's not swimming season, a swimmer is pretty much a "fish out of water" and gets all depressed. The only girls that can even compete with the hotness of a cheerleader!
Dude 1: My girlfriend is a swimmer.
Dude 2: Man you are so lucky. They are the hottest girls ever ;)
by Rebecca1011 March 3, 2012
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