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Synonym to idiot, with added emphasis on the quality of being passive or plain.


1) someone who has no input
2) of inferior intelligence
3) is boring
4) non-cooperative
Tony: Yo John you coming to the club tonight?

John: ......I don't know man my mom wants me to walk the cat.

Tony: Buddy your a fucking YOGURT!


Tony: Hey babe how bout me, you, my malibu ;)

Mel: I gotta watch jersey shore tonight, sorry.

Tony (to Vito): That girls a fucking yogurt, she decided to watch guidos on t.v. instead of getting with a real one.
by Reaper of the Corn February 13, 2011

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pronounced (mahnj nootz) for all you cakes

Simple Translation: Eat Nuts

Mange - (Butchered Slang Italian for Eat)
Newts - (Testicles)


1. Fellatio

2. Displaying that you are fed up with someone (male or female).
1. Fellatio

"She was manging newts and my ex girlfriend called"

"Ya bro she manged"

"She can def mange newts!"

2. Being fed up

"That guys a yogurt bro, he can fuckin mange newts"

"You don't wanna go to Fairbanks (strip-club)? Mange newts buddy"

or Simply "Mange"
by Reaper of the Corn March 07, 2011

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