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Nathan Stringer is a specimen. He is terrified of blue penguins, is usually 6' 7" and is Sinjins best friend.
Person 1: Want to do a Nathan Stringer?
Person 2: So a big cron?
Person 1: Thats it Randall.
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by RealMandrewCreehan April 12, 2020

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Andrew Meehan is the act of flossing non stop. Its also another term for being overly attractive.
Person 1: Stop being such an Andrew Meehan.
Person 2: I cant stop flossing, Im gay.
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by RealMandrewCreehan December 13, 2019

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Type of guy who cant stop flossing. Literally loves motorcycles. Cant compete with Airplanes.
Person 1: Can you stop Josh Reillying.
Person 2: No, its to addictive.
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by RealMandrewCreehan December 12, 2019

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