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A significant human quality in which a person communicates and acts truthfully, in accordance with a sense of faithfulness, sincerity, and fairness. Honesty is one of the characteristics that establishes a virtuous person. Honesty implies a lack of deceit. A principal reason for this may be that honesty simplifies communication, in that honest statements can be trusted at point blank with little or no doubt. An honest person describes one who will always (or mostly always) tell true statements, narratives, or promises.
A honest person is someone who will never lie, cheat, or steal. This is the type of person that can easily be trusted by others.
ATTORNEY: So the date of birth (of the baby) was August 8th, 2008?
WITNESS: Yes, of course.
ATTORNEY: I have reviewed the baby's birth certificate, and it turns out that the birth date was, in fact, August 8, 2008. Thank you for being honest with me.
WITNESS: No problem.
by RealMan07 March 13, 2009
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