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The male equivilent to a bridezilla. A heterosexual man planning a wedding who becomes over-involved, demanding and outrageously hostile about small irrelevent details involved with the planning of the ceremony and/or reception. A Groomzilla is also known to insist on a wedding band for himself that is more elaborate and costly than his bride's ring. This type of Groom will insist that all details and choices must be decided by him, leaving the bride to parade countless options before him and watch "her day" become "his".
She absolutely loved that banquet hall, but her fiance didn't like the color of the dance floor, so he said no. I hope she knows she's got a groomzilla.

He's insisting his diamond be bigger than mine! He's turning into Groomzilla.

My future husband has become a groomzilla! My dream wedding is ruined!
by Raylan July 28, 2010
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