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having a close knit friendship with any given person for a long period of time, yet randomly that person ditches you and never talks to you again. He finds new friends to satisfy him for a short period of time, before the same process once again occurs and he dicthes as well. The person though who does do all the ditching believes all his past friends are complete losers and assholes, when he is actually the only true one.
"Hey robbie, do you still hang out with Bill anymore?

"Nah man, right after high school he ended up pulling a green on my ass"

"No fucking way, he did that to me too!"
by Ray delacour December 13, 2007
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Typically during a first semester of college, but applicable for all years, the completely awkward situation where your roommate is under the false impression that you are asleep and it is therefore ok to masturbate. You though, are awake, and cannot say anything for the sake of embaressement on both parts.
"dude, Smith thought i was asleep last night and pulled a false sleeping tug"

"ah nasty dude did you say anything?"

"Nah man I couldn't, i just couldn't"
by Ray delacour December 13, 2007
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