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Caused by the fat person's feelings that society looks down on them for being fat. Usually more common in females since they are typically more ostracized for being overweight.
Victims become obsessed with losing weight or (unfortunately, more commonly) just trying to make themselves appear less fat.

Diet pills, miracle weight loss programs, etc etc.

Talking about exersize/eating well, caring WAY too much about dressing nicely (even in casual situations).
Some try to be overly sexual, ie hugs to EVERYONE, tattoos (esp. tramp stamps), dressing like sluts, being strippers, talking about sexual things, overall trying to make themselves more sexy
Unfortunately, attempts are usually counterproductive. Trying to act slim only pisses people off and makes them notice obesity more.
Closely related to short people syndrome
Example 1
Jackie: OMG I went to the gym like ALL DAY. Right after I finished my Lean Cuisine and took all my diet pills, (blah blah blah trying to seem less fat)

Jessica: Shut the hell up bitch everyone knows you're fat

Example 2
(Jackie runs up to Mark and gives him a huge hug, from which he cowers away)
Jackie: OMG Mark wanna see my new tattoo?!?!?!?
Mark: thinking "dammit i gotta sit through this fat people syndrome again"
(Jackie turns around and pulls down her pants to reveal her FAT ASS CRACK and a slutty butterfly)
Jackie: OMG OMG like it?!?!?!?
by Rastaroth May 14, 2009
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This disorder is typically more common in males. It is caused by the short person's feelings that society looks down on them for being short. Characteristics include, in any combination, talking loud, bringing other people down, excessive pride/cockiness, and sometimes (my personal favorite) climbing on tall objects, all in a futile attempt to feel bigger. Utterly hilarious to the average-sized onlooker.

Closely related to fat people syndrome

Susan: (to Brian) Wow he is that kid?

Brian: Haha that's John. He suffers from short people syndrome and has to talk loud and cocky to feel bigger.

Susan: Oh my gosh wow look at him now he's climbing that tree hahahaha
by Rastaroth May 14, 2009
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