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Nigga is slang for Nigger. Nigger is slang for Negro. Negro is an abreviation of the word Negroid which is the scientific classification for people of black descent. How much more can you hack a words origin into unrecognisable bullshit? I give it twenty more years before people have to start taking classes to understand the ignorant jibberish the average "negroid" spits out.
"That guy has very dark skin. He must be in the Negroid catagory."
"The fuck you just call me Nigga?!"
"No its not Nigga, its Negroid. Its the scientific classifica......Ow! I've been shot!"
by Rangus August 24, 2006
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Yet another code-word used by food servers(mostly in the south)to describe any black person in their section who appears to come from a ghetto backround. The flood of evacuees from Louisiana to Texas amongst other places gave birth to this one. Food servers profile quite a bit. Its, unfortunately, just a matter of putting together patterns of who tips horribly. Such as Katrinas. These stereotypes live up to expectations way too often.
"Goddamnit, the hostess just sat a ten-top of Katrinas in my section. Looks like I'll be working for free the next hour."
by Rangus August 24, 2006
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