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Random Bastard is an individual who has been chosen using the ol "Throw a phone book in the air, and throw a dart at the resulting open page"Method.

The term was taken from the movie starring Steve Martin titled The Jerk. Throughout the film Steve Martins Character is stalked by a bumbling fat ass grease ball of a raving, militant, lunatic, sniper, serial killer who chose his victims this way. Upon completing the process the killer exclaimed "I got you now you Random Bastard, son of a bitch." and referred to his targets in this way mumbling under his breath and stalking them throughout the movie.
The term is used to refer to people you dont know or bump into walking down the street.

Generally it infers an underlying contemptuous or punitive tone.
An example of its use in a driving situation, shouted, uttered or mumbled by someone who politely drives down the road all the while cussing at everyone who crosses their path. (and closet smoking)

Hang up and drive!, get the hell over! DIE YOU RANDOM BASTARD!
by Random Bastard January 08, 2012

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The premature departure of the tip of ones turd or Make

Premake peeks out of the ass just prior to a complete evacuation of the bowels. It combines extreme Urgency with One's need to Make.

Premake is variation of the expression To Make, which is the same as saying Go #2 or take a dump or drop a deuce or Take the Browns to the Super Bowl
Often used interchangeably with the terms Prarie Dogging a peeker

Dude, go on to the front of the line. It looks like You've got Premake .

When you've got Premake that serious You may as well start thinking of names for what is sure to follow.
by Random Bastard January 08, 2012

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