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A terribly crushing scenario that occurs on Myspace. It starts
when someone becomes attracted to someone they know outside of Myspace. They usually lurk on their Myspace for a few days before finally gathering up the courage to talk to them. When the day comes when they're ready they check the other person's
Myspace to see that their Myspace Relationship Status has changed to "In A Relationship"
Zach: "Hey Mike, why are you so sad today?"

Mike: "The chick I like Myspace Status Swapped me last night"

Zach: "Ouch"
by Rammstein651 November 22, 2007

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Similar to a Chubby Chaser only with drunk girls instead of fat girls. Someone who is attracted to girls who have drinking problems is a Chuggy Chaser.
"He tried hitting on that girl who was passed out on the deck at that party last night, he's such a Chuggy Chaser."
by Rammstein651 November 24, 2007

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