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An alternate name for Orange Juice. Named for the infamous NFL Player, Orenthal James(O.J.)Simpson.
Damn breakfast was good; that Orenthal was killer!
by Ralph McGregor May 29, 2008

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When someone looks like they have too many teeth in their mouth. Generally when they smile and you see a gang of yellow or disproportionate teeth staring back at you. Typically found on low-income, country/rural, or one foot out of the trailer whites. They are highly recognizable because they generally wear rural and outdated pride on their sleeve, look unsanitary and or love to tell you how they are or were the first ones in their families to go to college. Whatever the case, they are in terrible need of dental work. Also known as British mouth syndrome. The suburbs are full of these people.
"Where did Erin graduate from?"
"Which one? There are two of 'em."
"The one with that mouth I hate."
"Oh her, I think she went to Auburn"
by Ralph McGregor May 29, 2008

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A female douche that thinks she is the center of the universe. Usually a terribly mainstream daddy's girl from the middle class suburbs with very little redeeming qualities. The irony is, they generally have no manners at all and most people, excluding masochists or people in dire need of friends/attention for a myriad of reasons, hate their guts.
"Remember when Little Miss Manners used to work here? That idiot labeled everything she put in the employee fridge."

"Oh yeah, what a bitch! I mean honestly, no one wants her San Pellegrino!"

"As if, I just love how she discovers things so late and acts like she's the only one that ever thought of it."
by Ralph McGregor May 30, 2008

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An alternate name for Orange Juice breakfast beverage. Inspired by the infamous NFL Hall of Famer.
Could you pick some Simpson on your way home? We're all out.
by Ralph McGregor May 29, 2008

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