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We're not snobs. We're just better than you. Go to hell, LSU.
I went to Ole Miss beause I'm too smart for State and too broke for Vandy.
by Rainee Sue February 13, 2005

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A small town in Mississippi.

No, seriously.

Existed way before GTA:SA.
"They moved here from Hot Coffee when her dad got a job at the Nissan plant in Canton."
by Rainee Sue September 13, 2005

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Member of pop group NSYNC. Commonly defined as "the fat one", "the Italian one", and "the straight one". Experienced actor, appearing in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and on Broadway in RENT and Little Shop of Horrors. Married with a small daughter. Tied with Chris Kirkpatrick for the most "normal" member of the group.
"My name is Joey Fatone. You killed my bandmates. Prepare to die."
- Robot Chicken, episode 1.12, "S&M Present"
by Rainee Sue April 21, 2005

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American pop singer, somewhere in-between all the gushing love and vitriolic insults seen in other UD definitions. Loves his mama and his dog, doesn't curse or drink in public, can take a dirty joke now and then, and wings his critics' sarcasm back at them with class and kindness.
"In church in Raleigh, the congregation used to say, 'Make sure you use your voice for the Lord.' I feel that is what I'm doing. And I will continue doing it until the Lord tells me to pipe down."
- Learning to Sing
by Rainee Sue April 21, 2005

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