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1. Ethnic reference, a descendant of Abraham. Often confused with Ethnic Semite (descendant of Shem), Ethnic Israelite (descendant of Jacob-Israel), and/or Ethnic Jew (descendant of Judah). These terms are somewhat but not always synonymous. IE, the chronolgical genealogical order is: Shem/Semite > Abraham/Hebrew > Israel/Israelite > Judah/Jew.

2. Jews trace ancestory through the mother only. Hebrews trace ancestory through either parent.

3. Spiritual Hebrews (or Israelites) are people who worship Yahweh, eat kosher, and observe the Biblical holy days of Leviticus 23. May or may not be Jews. May or may not be Christians.

1. I'm Hebrew; I'm a descendant of Abraham. Jews are descendants of Judah. All Jews are Hebrew, but not all Hebrews are Jews.

2. I know my mom isn't Jewish, but my dad is. Besides I never said I was Jewish, I'm Hebrew.

3. I don't work on Saturday; I'm Hebrew.

by Rabbi Shlomoh Geffen May 19, 2006

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