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To not go 1min without embarassing oneself

To have an extended period of silence followed by embarassing oneself

To have a depressed Sympathetic Nervous System
Example 1 -


"Dammit I just walked into a chair"

Ashwin: Dude....you chucked an IMAL!

Example 2 -


Jazz: Hey bro, whats the answer to question 1?

Imal: ??? (stares quietly)

Jazz: Bro???? Whats the answer to question 1?

Imal: ?????? (still stares)

Jazz: Are you gonna say something???

Imal: What do youuuu waaaaaant??? (in whiney voice.....followed by dropping book on floor)

Example 3

Scenario 3

You just WON the table tennis championships!!!!!

In Response - stares blankly at everyone for an extended period of time. Shortly followed by the words Ok.........as he walks of he does something to embarrass himself (eg drops the trophy!)
by RaauuLL October 19, 2010
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