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Slap Battles is a ROBLOX game developed by Tencelll
Player 1: hey man i don't wanna play ability wars that shit is ass
Player 2: ok we got slap battles if you wanna play that
Player 1: isn't that just ability wars but neutered
Player 2: shut the fuck up
by ROBLOX!! April 12, 2022
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something my friends tell me to do and i dont
Me: im tired
Friend: SLEEP
Me: ok

*watches youtube*
by ROBLOX!! April 12, 2022
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Where's the baby? is a ROBLOX game based off of "Who's your daddy"
Where's the baby? was developed by Smellysuperfart, im not even kidding, thats his fucking username.
Player 1: you back from dying?
Player 2: yeah lets play "where's the baby?"
Player 1: sure, thats a dumbass game why not
by ROBLOX!! April 12, 2022
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