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Newark Nj
i got my ass kicked in the brick city.
by rmo July 06, 2003

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A line people use when they get confronted directly for acting like a cunt to try to save face. It is normally used on people of equal or lower social standing and not generally used on people with power or authority. It is a pre-packaged response designed to win over the crowd or turn the tables and doesn't actually have any bearing on who is right or wrong.
Person 1: "Did you see Mark trying to hide his hair loss? It's so obvious."
Person 2: "Making fun of people's looks is kinda lame."
Person 1: "Get off your high horse."
by RMO August 30, 2019

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Reminds me of.
RMO that one episode of Futurama with the giant reflecting mirror that turned into a death-ray.
by RMO May 05, 2014

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biggest gay pr0n site on the net.
www.boxofhate.com has the best ghey sex on the net!!
by rmo June 30, 2003

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