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Offensive word towards the Japanese; often used towards Japanese-Americans, Otherwise ethnically Japanese
"fuckin Jap" quote from the movie BROTHER directed by BEAT TAKESHI
by RED HuRaiZon June 27, 2003

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Literally translate to "Gentle Arts" in Japanese. In theory created more than 2000 years before Christ in India, by a monk who did not have a weapon to defeat themselves from barbarian attacks. The influences spread to China and eventually had taken root to Japan. The arts were elaborated and used in the Samurai Era to be the first martial arts ever known in Japan. This traditional arts involved in striking, throwing, or grappling. Hence the disciple of karate, judo, and aikido.
Arguably the most influential person in history of jiu-jitsu is Mitsuyo "Esai" Maeda
by Red HuRaiZon October 11, 2003

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The record holder for Nathan's Famous frankfurter eating contest. Annually held on July 4th at Coney Island, New York.
Krazy Motha Fuccka who ate 50 & 1/2 hotdogs in 12 minutes DOUBLING the previous record of 25 dogs by Kazutoyo Arai
by Red HuRaiZon October 11, 2003

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