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Emily is way cool. She is a smart and beautiful girl even though she won't admit it. She is tall and has great boobs. She is a great best friend and can keep your secrets. She is quite attractive but she usually goes for older guys which doesn't seem to work out for her. She is very humble and won't believe you when you compliment her. Guys are usually kind of afraid of her, so they don't approach her, but if you like an Emily you should text her, if she texts back fast and with replies more than "yeah" "ok" and "haha" she might like you so go for it. Emily also can be slightly mean if you start to annoy her so if she starts to say ^ those things through text or in person alot you might need to back off for a little while because she will freak out on you.
Guy- Emily is pretty cool and kinda cute but I'm afraid to talk to her cause she seems a little mean.

Person- goh how can Emily not study and make such good grades, it's unfair....

Best Friend- ha Emily? She's a goob but I love her, even though she towers over me
by RCSS September 13, 2011
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